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We help organizations increase their performance by handling all of there financial, accounting, bookkeeping, internal audit and taxation needs so they can focus on growing there core business.

Trust our local team of accounting experts to guide and support your business operations through the preparation and filing of company tax declarations.

We advise, develop and provide cutting edge solutions to reach our clients’ expectations to improve their business and operations. Our core value is to offer state of the art services to support our clients during their entire decision process.

What we do?


10+ Years

Amman, Jordan


Accounting, Taxation, Companies registration, Internal audit, HR

About us

We are a startup that was founded in 2020, covers a variety of financial services, we have been able to grow from a single account to multiple-accounts in a short period of time and this is due to our commitment and focuses with each client because we tried each cases as need (Case-by-Case Approach)

we are helping both local companies to successfully expand their business by handing there financial and report the stats to them as needed.

Our clients rely on our tailored services to understand the local market and take care of their back-office needs and so that they focus on growing their core business.


Our Clients